Preserving the Environment

DENSO was green before it was cool. And our green ways permeate every facet of our global business – from management, initial R&D, product development, manufacturing, distribution and disposal, to our employees and even the communities in which we operate.

DENSO corporate responsibility

More than 1.7 billion cars on the road by 2035

Cars are a part of our daily lives, and they do have some negative impact on the environment. We believe helping to reduce that impact is one of our most important responsibilities. So, DENSO corporate responsibility has dedicated its worldwide resources to help create what we call an “advanced automotive society” – a society in which automobiles co-exist in harmony with the environment.

Eco Products
  • Deliver products that are lightweight, energy saving and help improve the environment.
  • For all our products, reduce our use of resources, control and reduce environmentally hazardous substances, and integrate environmental planning in the product design stage.

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Eco Factory
  • Reduce the environmental impact of our North American manufacturing facilities (including manufacturing and distribution) through reduced water use, CO2 emissions, landfill waste and hazardous substance emissions.

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Eco Management
  • Develop environmental action plans at each North American facility and reinforce environmental partnerships with suppliers through activities such as developing green procurement guidelines and promoting the purchase of environmentally friendly products.
  • All our facilities have achieved ISO 14001-certification, a globally recognized and totally voluntary standard of excellence for environmental management.
Eco Friendly
  • Contribute to a better society by encouraging and supporting employee environmental activities, proactive information disclosure and communication with stakeholders, environmental education, and environmental and social contributions.

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