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Thermal Systems

Did you know

80 percent

of fuel energy used to power your vehicle is lost?

Most of that is wasted heat energy.

That’s why we look at the entire vehicle in our approach to thermal systems. And we innovate ways to recover and reuse wasted heat energy to efficiently heat things up and cool things down inside the car and under the hood.


Powertrain Systems

When the rubber meets the road, our powertrain systems and technology deliver a powerful drive with increased fuel economy and lower emissions. From fuel-powered to electrified vehicle systems, we look at how our powertrain technologies integrate with the entire vehicle to enable the best performance possible.



Many say technology contributes to driver distraction.

We believe technology can be safely used to


From head-up display to voice recognition and human machine interface, we’re researching and developing technologies and systems that help ensure safe driving, enable seamless connectivity and reduce driver workload.


Driving Control & Safety

1.24 Million

people die in auto accidents worldwide each year

Accidents happen, but we're working to change that. Our vision is a world that's free of auto accidents. We’re actively working to give you peace of mind and help keep you in control on and off the road with our advanced driving control and safety technologies.


Our active safety products help you avoid accidents BEFORE they happen. If an accident does happen, our passive safety systems will help keep you protected.

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  • Sensors
  • Radar, Lidar, Sonar & Laser
  • Four-Camera Surround Vehicle Monitoring System
  • Traffic Sign Recognition
  • Autonomous Emergency Braking
  • Lane Keep Assist & Lane Centering
  • Lane Departure Warning & Lane Change Alert
  • Forward Collision Mitigation & Prevention
  • Full Speed Range
  • Driver Monitoring System
  • Park Assist
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Airbag Sensing System
  • Auto High Beam
  • Headlamp Leveling
  • Control For Corners
  • Pre Crash Alert
  • Forward Collision Warning
  • Blind Spot Detection
  • Night Vision
  • Pedestrian Detection


DENSO is a leader in the latest Vehicle-to-vehicle and Vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2X) safety technology to allows cars to “talk” or communicate with other surrounding vehicles and traffic signals.

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Fully Integrated Safety Systems


DENSO Auto Parts

Our First Time Fit ® products work the first time and each time. From A/C compressors, starters, alternators, oxygen sensors, and ignition wire sets to fuel pumps, cabin air, oil and air filters, wiper blades and more — our products are built and tested to original equipment (OE)-standard for the aftermarket. Each of these products is precision-built for exact replacement so you don't have to worry about doing the same job twice.

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DENSO Robotics

We’ve been a leader and pioneer in manufacturing automation, including the design and manufacturing of industrial robot arms since the 1960s. We’re also the world's largest user of small assembly robots, with more than 17,000 of them in use at our manufacturing facilities. More than 77,000 of our small industrial robots are used by other companies worldwide.

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DENSO MovinCool

We’re always keeping things cool with our thermal products, including our own people. That’s why we created MovinCool in 1982 – to keep our manufacturing employees cool. Since then, MovinCool has pioneered the use of portable air conditioning solutions for a wide variety of markets.

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DENSO ADC is among the world's largest manufacturers of mobile data capture systems. The company, which lead the way in charge-coupled device (CCD) technology and invented the revolutionary QR Code®, offers a wide range of advanced-technology, including handheld 1D and 2D terminals and scanners, featuring lightweight, durable, ergonomic designs.

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